Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Narcissistic Students

A survey carried out in America on college students has shown that today's students are more narcissistic than previous generations. The results show after a Narcissistic Personality Inventory completed between 1982 and 2006 by more than 16,000 students was analysed by experts.

The study linked narcissism to poor social skills, higher levels of infidelity and game playing, violent behavior, and relationships that are less warm and intimate. Narcissists also tend to lack empathy and show greedy and competitive behavior, the study said.

During the 1980's, there was a self esteem movement carrie out in American schools which involved children reciting "I am special". Apparently this plays a big role in making children more self-centred than they already are!

Shockingly, the study also pointed out that MySpace and You Tube are possible contributors, as they involve promoting yourself to the outside world. Many of today's children all over the world are a part of MySpace, so does this mean that deep down we're all attention seeking and self centred? If so, then I can include myself in those counted!

Model Behaviour

Young girls look up to models for inspiration. But not only do they copy their outfits and fashion tips, but they aspire to have figures like them too. However, one ex-model is not following suit. She is setting an example that young girls should really be following. She is Tyra Banks, who has recently been criticised for looking 'fat' in a swim suit whilst holidaying at the beach. Tyra now weighs 30 pounds more than she did when she was a model, although in her time models were generally larger than the size 0 models of today.

Answering back to critics, she said
"I love my Mama, and she has helped me to be a strong woman so I can overcome these kinds of attacks, but if I had a lower self-esteem, I would probably be starving myself right now. That's exactly what is happening to other women all over this country."

What i found especially shocking is that the media criticises models for being too thin and setting a bad example for young girls. However, when the pictures of Tyra were published, she was labelled 'Tyra Porkchop'. This society that we live in makes it difficult for a woman to be happy whatever her size. It's clearly wrong to be a size 0, but apparently so is it to be a curvy and healthy size 12, which is what Tyra is now. Along with the average woman in the UK!

Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Cosmetic Surgery

It's not just dieting and lack of eating thats got everyone going, because now cosmetic surgery would be ruled in as an option for easy weight loss or jst to make an "improvement" to one's appearance.

51% of young women would have plastic surgery to improve their looks, a survey discovered. the most common surgical procedure for women is breast implants, with liposuction as a close second. The figures for breast augmentation have risen by 50% the last year alone! From 1997-2003, cosmetic surgery had increased by a whopping 299%.

Ok, so most people have something about their body which they don't like, but why such drastic changes? In the survey carried out by the BBC, half of the women questioned said there was "lots they would change" about their bodies - and more than 10% "hated" what they looked like.

I personally feel that the opposite sex plays an important part in how we view ourselevs and what we'd like to look like. Many women would feel that men would go for someone with bigger boobs than an A or a B cup, and the only way to go bigger is through surgery. But is this what men really want? When i asked my friends, they said that they would prefer their girlfriend to have natural boobs, as the plastic ones would be too, well, plastic. However, the next remark was always the same: if it made them happy then i wouldn't have a problem with it.

But is cosmetic surgery really enough to make you a happier person?

Appearance Issues

Today's generation is becoming more and more obsessed with physical appearances. The whole size 0 debate is currently ongoing, however the obsession with appearance is not just one common within the female members of this population.

In a recent survey carried out by
BBC Radio 1's Newsbeat and 1xtra's TXU, which asked 25,000 people, mostly aged 17 to 34, how they felt about their bodies, almost half of the women surveyed said they had skipped a meal to lose weight, while 8% had made themselves sick. And I'm sure that many of you reading this can relate to it. Eating disorder experts said it was "sad but not surprising" that young people felt and acted in such ways. But what can be expected when we live in a society where looks make such a big impact in life? The current size zero debate plas an important role in this too. Many girls aspire to become models, and what they're seeing on the runways is what they aim to look like.

The survey also found that two thirds of those who are size 14 thought they were overweight or fat. This comes as a shock, since the average women's dress size in the UK is 16, which is one size bigger than 14!